roll two

Got back the second roll of film shot on the Super Fujica 6, a roll of recently released Kentmere 100, in medium format or 120mm. Watched and read a bunch of reviews on the film, and then found a film photography website that was offering the film at an introductory special price of 4.99/roll, and bought 10 rolls.

fishing Lake Michael

This camera makes it easy to shoot double exposures, as the shutter and film winding are separate operations. I shot this whole roll doing double exposure just to see how it turned out, and whether I might need to tweak the settings in the future to make it work effectively. The roll turned out just fine using normal settings for each exposure.

Started shooting the third roll Saturday for an anticipated long term project. News later on that. That’s it for now, and thanks for reading to faithful few.


4 thoughts on “roll two

  1. Loving the double exposures! Good luck with roll 3. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what works best. Just general thoughts, like whether you try to put the second shot in the open/negative space.

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    1. Thanks, and honestly it was mostly random, though I did try to do something somewhat in contrast to the first shot. I shot some urban ones too that were okay, but not as esthetically pleasing as these to my eye.


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