black and white photographer

I am not sure what is important to know about me, but here goes.  I am a self taught photographer, no degrees or formal training of any sort.

I was born and raised in Appalachia, southern West Virginia to be exact.   Have been playing around with photography off and on since the late 1970s.  Since retiring, it has become a more serious hobby or avocation of sorts.  I now live in the middle of North Carolina.

My mind sees patterns, shapes, shadows and abstractions, which I try to frame up into a standalone image. I find that color distracts from what I am trying to capture. I like the images to speak for themselves, the photograph is poetry enough.

I blog here about my process and to also post a few images. I have an ello site with more samples of my work under @camerazenscura, https://ello.co/camerazenscura

I also have a mastodon site: https://artsio.com/@camerazenscura


Chuck Cunningham

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