Zine Maker: Conceptual Photography With Words

I am not sure what is important to know about me outside of what appears in the photography and words represented in the zines. I am a self taught photographer, no degrees or formal training of any sort. I consider myself as more of a maker than a traditional photographer these days.

I was born and raised in Appalachia, southern West Virginia to be exact.   Have been playing around with photography off and on since the late 1970s.  Since retiring, it has become a more serious hobby or avocation of sorts.  I now live in the middle of North Carolina.

My mind sees patterns, shapes, shadows and abstractions, which I try to frame up into a standalone image. I find that color distracts from what I am trying to capture. Sometimes there are words attached as observations and rough poetry. Sometimes I like the images to speak for themselves.

Most of this is found in back alleys, abandoned buildings or where street artists operate.  It can be created by nature, decay and even vandalism. Mostly it comes from from playing with the light. The words come from where all words come, the ether.  I hope you find some of it to your liking.

I have an instagram account under the handle @camerazenscura. I also have an ello site under the same handle @camerazenscura, https://ello.co/camerazenscura

Why no context? Consciousness has no context. Anything can appear in it, and does.


Chuck Cunningham

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