observe and express

16×20 collage, self on steroids

Friends who are interested in promoting my work asked me the other day what I wanted to do with my “art”. I had no real answer for them, because I don’t know. Since putting the zine in limbo, I really have been in a state of free range expression with no goals or intentions of where it is all going. I have done five collage pieces over this time, but that feels over for right now. I’m waiting on the negatives from the last film roll I shot, before I continue with that process, and hopefully then it will be revealed to me where the resurrected film thing is going.

digital overlays with holga lens

My lens of departure with my digital camera right now is the plastic Holga lens. I am loving the effects it creates, and it’s limitations. There is no focusing. Depending on how close or far away, the lack of sharpness varies.

digital with Holga lens

What I see is that this dream called life is an event of observation and expression. My goals are to just keep doing that in all the forms and fashions that may arise. Things arise and fall away constantly. I embrace that process, nothing more.


4 thoughts on “observe and express

  1. I LOVE that collage of you! It is so expressive and captures sides of your personality that I wouldn’t have guessed at before! Diane


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