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Took this photo while sitting in my car Sunday afternoon waiting for the rain to stop. While sitting there, I began to ponder the nature of my relationship with the various subscribers to the zine, mostly the ones who get theirs by mail, and what I wanted that relationship to look like going forward.

The usual run I have printed of each issue is thirty. The mailing list is usually just short of twenty people, and I have delivered some in person in the past. I posted a while back that I wasn’t going to deliver anymore, but I have for certain people, that will cease. If you want one, I need a mailing address. I usually just randomly leave the others in free libraries or free art spaces, or give one to someone I meet who sounds interested. I have decided not to do that in the future.

I presently have three copies of #7 and seven copies of #8, that’s about 30.00, in printing costs sitting in a box in my car. That is going to change as well. The next issue, and all future issues will be a run of twenty. To stay on the subscriber list, you will need to be proactive in expressing that desire, and you silent people know who you are. I love you, but as I have said previously, the damn thing is free, at least let me have some sort of feedback, it’s not that hard.

As I do more writing to balance with the images, this process will be more personal. The last one was leaning in that direction. Limiting the audience seems appropriate in that environment. Love you guys.


5 responses to “subscribers only”

  1. Hi Chuck, I’d like to continue to receive your zines. Your style of photography is so different from mine that I find your photos a refreshing and provocative stretch for me 🙂

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  2. I love the zines, and I like being able to visit your site. They’ve been a bright spot in what has been a protracted mental funk for me. I think I’m making some progress on that front, though.


    • Sorry to hear about the funk. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Didn’t send you the most recent one because I hadn’t heard from you since the one prior. It might not have been such a bright spot, a little dark in places. Be well.


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