the shape shifting

I sit here in my usual chair with poetry books all around me, and a new notebook into which I have entered words appearing to be of a poetic nature, eight so far, poems not words. Rewatched the movie, Paterson, this past weekend, about the city bus driver, played by Adam Driver, who writes poetry in his off hours, a very cool movie.

It seems I have shifted into seeing what I do as zine making, and not photography. The photography informs the zine process for sure, but I want the words to be just as important. The next zine will be different in that way. Also, even though I have had fun with different covers and use of text, some in typeface and some by hand, I am seriously looking at finding a single style to use in all the coming issues for the cover and back pages. More to come on that.


The smaller size will remain. I hope people like it, cause I sure do. I am hearing nice feedback on the last one so far, which pleases me. All for today.


4 responses to “the shape shifting”

  1. Awesome issue! The best ever. I love the new size and I love the text that goes with the photos. In keeping with your “shape shifting” idea, I particularly like the picture of the man emerging from/fading into the brick wall. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing these!


    • Thanks, Diane, I really appreciate your feedback, especially about the new size. This one was kind of personal, and one I needed to get out of my system so to speak.


  2. Whoa…this one was powerful. I like the small size…along with the big-ness of the content. YOU/you were in each page, very literally in some cases…so much so that I found myself wondering if you were the human in the mask. I was fascinated by the existence of the “Choose Death” t-shirts, and doing some online research I think that’s a band of some kind(?). Minus that context (and I know you intentionally give us none!) those shirts get under my skin…I am both attracted and repulsed by their straightforwardness. I also found myself noticing the large quantity of black ink (literally) used for printing and darkness (figuratively). I’m fascinated by your movement toward words, as I find my own self learning to SEE your photos. I’ve gone back to your earlier issues to See again. Thanks for bringing me along on the journey.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it. Others seem to like the new size, which pleases me. I own a tripod, and the camera has a timer for shutter release, so let’s just say that I didn’t have to get a model release signed for this issue. The shirt came from an artist friend of mine who does a lot of dark sculpture and jewelry.


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