I have been getting unexpected attention surrounding my photography lately. A couple of weeks ago at a gallery show in Durham, NC, I was introduced to Jeff Goldstein, of Vivian Maier fame. He was showing a photography wall he was curating, called the Vivian Maier Project, this in conjunction with the annual local Click Photo Fest. He gave me his card, and that was about it at the time.

An artist friend, who was there that night, and was already friends with Jeff, later encouraged me to submit a self portrait, which is the theme of the wall. I submitted a recent one, that he liked and accepted, but then I thought of an older one, and sent that one as well just to see what he thought. He really liked the second one, and wanted a print to frame for the primary side of the wall. He then wanted more access to my work, and wanted to see the zines. After seeing the zines, he requested a set. He plans to feature those as a part of the exhibit. This is the photo to be featured.

To say the least, I am a bit overwhelmed. The project will be exhibited in two different locations the next two weekends, one in Raleigh and the main event the following weekend in Durham.

Gratitude abounds.



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