what gate

Been playing with printed photos and collage again. These photos, three of which I posted previously on here, are all out of the fujica medium format film camera, scanned to create digital files and then printed on my printer. Like the ones previously, this is 16×20, but is on black canvas this time.

I also just purchased one of those label makers, the same kind we played with in junior high in the mid 60s, also totally analog I must say. More fun will be had with that I am sure.

I recently bought a folio carry case for these art creations, and that reminded me of artists schleping their art around to galleries and such, trying to get by the “gatekeepers”, get a show, exhibit or find someone to represent them toward that end. All areas of art have gatekeepers, the discerners of what is worthy of being shown to the world, a more public exposure than the artist could get on their own.

I have submitted work in that way, with mixed results. Mostly I have not been let past the gate. I self published my zine through a local printer, and as far as this new art project, I do not feel inclined to submit it to anyone for a show or exhibit. In a perfect world, I would find a cheap space that I could rent for one weekend, or even better, a room in an abandoned building to squat in for a one day pop up show. Then there is always getting a tent and a table on the side of the road, like the velvet Elvis painters.

The gatekeepers reminds me of the Zen term, gateless gate. It’s the spiritual gate seekers think they need to walk through on the way to enlightenment, the irony being that when and if an awakening occurs, the first thing realized is there never was a gate, that the state of awakening needed no path, no gate, and was always available right where they were.

Hey keepers, there is no gate. There are plenty of workarounds for artists to be seen, more being created every day. We’re already visible right where we are.

2 responses to “what gate”

  1. Very cool, love the addition of the label maker! Digging these collages. In Dan’s recent post he mentioned Peter Beard, so I looked him up. Remembered having looked him up a long time ago, probably after another of Dan’s posts. Interesting life. He did a lot of collage work with his diaries.


    • Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t get the Peter Beard fashion reference when I read his post. Wasn’t familiar with Beard until I looked him up. I am really not much of a journal writer, take a few notes here and there. It’s painful work just to do these limited blog posts. Just not in my nature.


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