free range

Greetings from the work in progress rambling on about whatever blogging aether. I have been adopting the label of free range photographer for a while now, but as I continue to wander that ever expanding range, photography seems to just be the departure point lately. I still play with the camera, especially the Fujica film camera, and there is something in the area of a publication of some kind with that work that is circulating in my brain, but I am also drawn to making other things.

I have put up photographs of the collages I have made, and since that time I have made three more.

These are made using prints of my prior photos, as well as pieces of random watercolors I did. I really enjoy doing these, so I expect it to continue. Contemplating going more open ended, maybe free range creative?


3 thoughts on “free range

  1. Very cool! I took a photography course in the early 90s in DC through the USDA’s course offerings. They had such a wide range of courses. I wonder if they still do that. Anyways, it was during that course I realized I probably wasn’t the next Henri Cartier Bresson. But it was fun. One of the things the instructor had us do was paint or color or whatever some of our prints.


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