test roll

Got back the scans from the test roll and the camera works fine, especially for a 1955 model. It was a roll of 400 speed film, and I have included some shots as examples.

The scans are very small, the cheapest way to go, so I am going to print one of these tomorrow just to see what the quality looks like on paper. I have 100 speed film in the camera now, and have shot about half a roll doing double exposures just to see how that turns out. Using this camera really slows you down, and makes you contemplate your process and the potential subject. I’m enjoying it.


7 thoughts on “test roll

    1. Thanks, Scott. It’s a fun camera, just finished a roll of double exposures, but haven’t gotten them to the lab yet. I want to do something more long term with it, but haven’t figured that out yet. Want to see what the double exposures look like first.


      1. I love double exposures. I’m not even close to understanding how to do them well. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Is the photo on your…I don’t know the term…the first photo one sees when opening your site – is that new or is my memory as bad as I think it is. Love that photo.


      2. That homepage photo is from a November trip to the Outer Banks. A version of it, with an overlay, was in the last zine. I like the straight version better. It was shot with a pinhole art lens made by Lensbaby.


  1. Love these! (The bike is my fave.)

    And love this: “Using this camera really slows you down, and makes you contemplate your process and the potential subject.”


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