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Yes, film is back, that seems to be the next thing. Was talking with my friend C. Bay earlier this month, and Holga cameras came up in the discussion. I used to have one, but sold it when I thinned out my film equipment. It got me thinking about medium format as a next form of expression, and the slower pace of shooting film. Tried out a Kiev 88 soviet era medium format SLR, but didn’t like the heaviness of it and the weird quirkiness in how it operated.

I did more research and became fascinated with the foldout cameras from the 1950s. By process of elimination, mostly on a financial basis, I landed on the Super Fujica 6, which was made in about 1955, and was the last model of its kind made by Fuji. It came yesterday, and I really like the way it operates. Hoping to get out tomorrow after all the rain and give it a spin.

On another subject, I have revamped the website a bit, sort of removed the zine stuff, references and such. The website domain name will remain the same, but the site has a new title. Thanks for reading.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

2 responses to “medium format”

  1. My friend Nika just got a Holga. This reminded me that I need to check in and see how the Holga shooting is going. I noticed that the site seemed a little different. I loved opening the About section and seeing that great portrait.


    • I had a holga for a bit, then went away from film and sold it, dumb. I pulled out some of those old negatives last evening and scanned some on this cool new Kodak 6×6 scanner that works through an app on your smartphone, pretty cool results.


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