ease and comfort

I deleted my instagram yesterday, the one I started in March, 2021, as a way of talking about and sharing information about the zine. The zine has ended and so now the Instagram. I was never a fan of the platform, and it continued to get more annoying as time went along. I will miss seeing the work of friends I met there, but maybe they will move on from it as well in time, who knows.

And speaking of moving and where, I am now on Post, the site where twitter refugees appear to be flooding right now. I really like the vibe of the site. It still has some kinks to work out, but I like it so far. I am there under the same handle as my last IG iteration @camerazenscura.

In a recent post on Post, I discussed my not using hashtags. Someone commented that that was how he discovered potential people and subjects he wanted to follow. My response was that I had no need to be found or discovered. I have now what Paul Hedderman calls “an ease and comfort in my own skin”, a relaxed way of being in the world, ambition extinguished. My next project is to have none, just be.


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