working title #6

if you’re doing


activity of the moment

imposter syndrome

seems the only way

to navigate the

false landscape…i

mean if it’s not

really you…just

Paul Newman failing

to communicate…

outcomes follow the


4 responses to “working title #6”

  1. Thank you, Chuck. Your wonderful zines arrived at a great moment. Connection and art (I think that word might make you cringe, sorry) are wonderful balms…salves?…when one is a bit adrift. I am going to write some today and may repeat some of this…you’ll be happy to know that I’m looking at two incredible zines in a cool part of old Seattle.


    • I am so happy to hear from you, Scott. I have no issue with either of those words, actually. Nice to think of those making an appearance in Seattle, in one of your cool hangouts. Look forward to reading what you write, that is if you choose to share, which I hope you do.


  2. PS – Issue 9. Wow. I love the white space, the short poems, and the font! (I know you’re not fussy about fonts, and I know very little about them, but this one works!)


    • I have paid more attention to fonts. That one came from an app that Daniel recommended actually, Notability. It has many cool fonts, that one is called American Typewriter. Glad you liked #9, it will be the last perhaps, at least for a while.


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