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I will be posting much less on instagram. When I created a new instagram account last March, my purpose was to use it to introduce people to my zine project, and that’s mostly what I did with it at first, but over time that has shifted to posting more and more of my photography there, outside of the zine. I have tried to keep from overlapping the images, not posting what went in the zine on IG, except as examples of what was going to appear in the next issue. I have tried to make that clear on IG, but I’m not sure people believe that, unless they have actually seen copies of the zine in person.

I have less than ten “subscribers” to the zine, people who get one mailed to them, or who I deliver to in person. I have many more followers than that on IG, and I have offered in two different posts to mail copies of existing zines and future issues, and have gotten all of two responses. And these are offered at no cost, free! My conclusion is people don’t care about the zine if they think they can see the same photos on IG, or any of my photos, even if they aren’t in the zine. I really don’t know.

I am not going to kill the account, but I will not be posting independent photos there anymore. I do enjoy keeping up with other local artists on IG, and that is enough reason to stay on the platform.

I have created a Patreon account with a 2.00/month contribution amount. I have only done that for anyone who really, really wants to pay me for the zines. They are still FREE!

Issue 5 is coming, maybe by the end of the month.

Cheers all!


2 thoughts on “instagram and stuff

  1. Interesting observation about Instagram. I agree that it’s a useful tool for keeping up with local artists, presses, and friends. I know I’ve said this before – if I had been disciplined enough to use it the way you do, I might have kept it. I can’t do it, though. I was trying to do that with twitter – photographers, zine makers, local writers, friends – but I’m not succeeding.


  2. And I may be wrong in this as it turns out. I have had requests for the zine through and because of images I have posted there. So to paraphrase uncle Walt, do I contradict myself, yes I do.


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