camera zenscura

Not sure how to begin this one, as it covers a few things in one blog post, mostly related in some way, but that wasn’t revealed until it all had happened in the linear story.

As I intimated in a prior post, the fifth zine was going to be a bit different than the first four, kind of a detour into a parable of sorts. I took a road trip to my hometown in southern West Virginia in late October, spent two nights in an airbnb and two days dodging drizzling rain to get the shots I wanted. All shot on the same model camera I owned when I left there, an Olympus OM1, using Tri-X 400. The images turned out fine, but each image requires a facing page of words, and that is where it stalled out.

This is a personal project that I have been contemplating for some time, but now that I have done the ground work and contemplated over the images, it seems the motivation to put any of it in printed form just seems redundant and obviously of little interest to anyone but me. The whole thing can be summed up in the two following images, which would have been the first and last images of the parable.

Moving on. Found out Tuesday that the two prints I had exhibited in the Durham Art Guild show both sold, as a set. I am humbled by the whole experience. I priced them to sell, hoping that maybe by selling one of them, I could at least recoup the money I spent getting them printed and framed. Most of the pieces in the show were quite expensive and mine were not, for the size of the pieces. Anyway, a nice experience all around. Here is a link to the virtual version of the exhibit, if anyone (Scott) cares.

I am getting very positive feedback on the fourth zine, the one with images only. I may continue that for the near future. Images are easy, writing is hard, and writing seems unnecessary.


One thought on “camera zenscura

  1. That’s great news about the exhibit images! Exciting. I know the feeling you describe above. Maybe in time you’ll want to come back to it, maybe not. Either’s fine. I like the two images you’ve posted here, and they’ve made me curious about the larger project.

    I got my copy of the 4th issue. More on that soon 🙂


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