Nasher Museum, Duke

I love the concept of barter, trading stuff, zine for zine, or other art for zine. Some people have done trading like this, I even got some mushrooms from a subscriber at the Durham Farmers Market, which was really cool.


If you can’t trade something, just send me a letter or a postcard giving some info, or a poem or a sketch or any impression you like. One of my original subscribers sent me an email that she was sending me a check to put toward my expenses, not necessary, but the fact that it’s a check coming snail mail instead of some cash transferring app of some sort felt in the right spirit of what I’m getting at.

“Hey mister postman”. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “musings

  1. Silly human. Don’t you know that cash transferring apps undergird today’s mutual aid? So many of the world’s humans are un-banked that fintech has opened doors for the poor…while also allowing fintech capitalists to grow rich by (sometimes) deceiving those they serve…which is all in the well-trod footsteps of other financial institutions. Even so, I am old and also prefer checks, banking (literally and figuratively) on the devil I know rather than the one I do not.


    1. Me too. I have one of those apps, but seldom use it. The whole bitcoin thing is both a fascination and a puzzlement, as it appeals to my anarchistic tendencies.


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