I posted this image to ello this morning. https://ello.co/nocontextzine I have been on ello, “the creators network”, since it’s beginning more than seven years ago. It was a wonderful free place to be, interacting with other photographers and artists. But as in all things, they had to figure out how to monetize it, and the overall culture of the site shifted to emphasize that over the creativeness. Many of the friends I made there went away and I have been less enthused about in the last year or so.

The saving grace of the site is, even with all its expansion in to more and more commercial areas and tie ins, it has left the little creators alone to wander the site amongst themselves. The only negative in that is more censorship has followed behind the bringing in of commercial partners. Most of that has been in the area of nudity involving sex acts themselves. ello had a good number of tumblr refugees for a while, but now most of those are gone too.

love the fisheye lens

Anyway, I am still hanging with ello. Even with the old crowd going away, there seem to be new people coming there all the time. This should be going to instagram and twitter if I got the settings right. We’ll see.


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