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  • urban doubles

    The double exposures I did in a more urban setting didn’t work for me as well as the hike in the woods photos did. Going to post some of them anyway and see what others think. Cheers!

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  • roll two

    Got back the second roll of film shot on the Super Fujica 6, a roll of recently released Kentmere 100, in medium format or 120mm. Watched and read a bunch of reviews on the film, and then found a film photography website that was offering the film at an introductory special price of 4.99/roll, and…

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  • observe and express

    Friends who are interested in promoting my work asked me the other day what I wanted to do with my “art”. I had no real answer for them, because I don’t know. Since putting the zine in limbo, I really have been in a state of free range expression with no goals or intentions of…

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  • collage

    And now for something completely different. I have been playing with collage. This is fun, and I will be doing more. Here are the three I have done so far. They are 16×20, an easy size to work with. Cheers!

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  • test roll

    Got back the scans from the test roll and the camera works fine, especially for a 1955 model. It was a roll of 400 speed film, and I have included some shots as examples. The scans are very small, the cheapest way to go, so I am going to print one of these tomorrow just…

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  • medium format

    Yes, film is back, that seems to be the next thing. Was talking with my friend C. Bay earlier this month, and Holga cameras came up in the discussion. I used to have one, but sold it when I thinned out my film equipment. It got me thinking about medium format as a next form…

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  • ease and comfort

    I deleted my instagram yesterday, the one I started in March, 2021, as a way of talking about and sharing information about the zine. The zine has ended and so now the Instagram. I was never a fan of the platform, and it continued to get more annoying as time went along. I will miss…

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  • working title #6

    if you’re doingsomething…the activity of the momentimposter syndromeseems the only wayto navigate thefalse landscape…imean if it’s notreally you…justPaul Newman failingto communicate…outcomes follow thescript…right?

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