Seven to the printer this morning. Will be putting them in the mail later this week.

No in person delivery for this one, gas is crazy. Send me a mailing address. All spread images.

Cheers all!


There are always photos that don’t make the final edit for the zine, the leftovers. I had three film shots, all shot on Kodak TriX 400, that were in serious consideration, but I just couldn’t figure out what to match them with on a facing page. Going to post them here and comment about why I like them.

This was taken in one of my favorite places to shoot, Alley 26 in Durham, NC. There is a bar and restaurant by the same name that abuts the alley and fronts on Chapel Hill Street. The barbed wire and the fire escape above, with the empty wall in between, just caught my eye. The barbed wire is over a large fence enclosed space where homeless folks would sleep, not anymore.

This was taken at a bar in Hillsborough, NC, called Yonder. It is a floor length drape close to the front door, tied in a knot about half way down. I love the minimalist nature of it, that’s about it.

This one takes us back to Alley 26 in Durham. This one caught my eye due to the juxtaposition of the architecture, demonstrating the passing of linear time in one shot. There are three distinct periods of architecture reflected here, the most recent being the lower left, a remodel that happened in the last eight years or so. This photo also was pivotal in my finding that I preferred Kodak TriX black and white film over the others due to the superior tonality of this image.

Anyway, there are the leftovers for this zine edition.


social media

Or should I have titled this, antisocial media, doesn’t matter. Made a post on my instagram this morning that I will only be posting zine updates there from now on, no regular photography. A part of me wishes I had never come back to IG, but then I see that I would have maybe never found some of the wonderful local artists who I follow there. The tedious algorithm, geared to engagement, that arbitrarily lets you see some posts and not others, or continually moves old posts you haven’t engaged with in some way, to the top of your feed, not to mention the suggested posts it tries to force down your throat, finally put me off enough to alter my presence there.

Full disclosure, I created a twitter account yesterday to try it out, same handle as IG, at:nocontextzine. Also to only be used for zine updates, but may get terminated at any moment.

I struggled sometimes with what to post, trying not to put photos on instagram that I thought were going in one of the zines in one form or another. Now, by not posting regularly, that is not a concern. I really like the photo below, one of several I took in Danville, Virginia, last weekend in the warehouse River District. I have no issue posting whatever here, and I will be doing that more regularly. At least one friend, Amy, might be glad for that.

A new friend made the comment to me a few weeks ago that people don’t read blogs anymore. Well, that’s on them. I do read blogs, and I wish there were more of them. So here goes.


so it goes

I was going to do a post solely dedicated to my film experiment, but I decided that a quick summation would suffice. I will not be shooting much if any film going forward so it doesn’t really matter that much. There were four 400 speed films and the one I liked the best was the old standby, Kodak TriX. And the primary reason was it most looked like what I try to get out of my Olympus pen-f through the camera settings I use. The two following images will demonstrate. They are the same basic shot, the first is the TriX and the second is digital.

The digital shot has more contrast due to the camera settings, and that’s how I like it. End of that chapter.

I have the preliminary ideas in place for both of the next two zines. One will be image heavy and the other more balanced with equal amounts of text. I don’t seem to be in any hurry. The last one came together in a bit of a quick flurry, and these will be more “slow food” like.

Anyway, cheers all!

on life support

Yes, a film post. Took the three rolls of black and white film to be processed, all different brands of 400 film, to see if I had a preference, hoping I like the cheapest one the best. Don’t have them back yet, not only does it cost twice as much per roll for b&w over color, ten dollars versus five, it takes at least a week longer to get them back than it does for color. When I dropped off the film I also purchased a roll of film to try, to the tune of 11.99. Are we seeing a trend here?

I loaded the new roll of Street Pan 400 into the OM-1, with the plan to go out driving in the countryside and shoot. I did that yesterday evening, shooting almost half the 36 exposure roll in the process, mostly rural ruin kind of stuff. I found myself being annoyed by having to deal with the light meter and the required shutter speed and aperture adjustments. Manual focus doesn’t bother me, in fact I prefer it, all the lenses I use on my digital cameras are manual focus.

It seems upon reflection, that I enjoy the idea of shooting film, but have become disenchanted with the actual process. I have become a spoiled digital photographer. And with the high cost of film these days, along with the cost of processing and the hassle of scanning images to digital form, film may not yet be dead for me, but it is certainly on life support.

TriX 400 shot from November 2021

Those rolls in the freezer may be there a while.


say something!

I have been pondering this post since yesterday. I was going to be kind and understanding in my tone, but that has now shifted to old and cranky, so now you get the real deal on this end.

The “subscription list” on the zine went up to twenty four this issue. Nineteen were mailed at 2.00 each, and the other five hand delivered, one yet to be delivered due to that person being out of the country. The zines run about 3.00 each for a run of thirty copies from the printer. I enjoy sharing them with you people at my expense, but here’s the caveat.

I need and want some form of response, feedback, acknowledgment or whatever, whether it be via instagram, website, email or text message. If I don’t hear something in a reasonably timely fashion, I assume you either didn’t get it or you don’t give a shit about continuing to receive them, and based on that, you will get deleted from the mailing list. If it’s negative feedback, that’s at least something. Definitely don’t want to get anymore, very cool, let me know.

I deleted one person with the last mailing, and have targeted three more for the next issue unless they reach out in some form before then. It’s free people, at least say something!


I usually have no interest in posts about camera gear, yet here I am adding to the list of boring gear posts. I don’t really think it matters much what camera or lenses you use, as long as you create interesting work. There is some wonderful work being done with phones, but I need something with a viewfinder, so a camera with that option is a must for me.

I started out with an Olympus OM-1 back in the late seventies, and I still have one as my only film camera, but not my original OM-1. I have two Olympus Pen-f digital cameras. I have owned two fujifilm cameras in the X100 series. The most recent of those I sold in the last month to buy the second Pen-f. This camera was discontinued, and Olympus itself as a camera company, is rumored to be ceasing to exist, though they recently announced a new OM 1 digital camera. So now it is all Olympus all the time. The benefit of that is that the old Olympus film lenses will work on the digital cameras with the use of a converter.

I have acquired in the last three months, three “art lenses” that have been great fun to play with. The first one was a pinhole lens by LensBaby that has three different aperture settings. There were some images in zine 5 that I shot with that lens. Then I found a Holga lens for Olympus digital cameras, and then I found a really cheap Olympus fisheye lens.

With zine 6 at the printer, I’m trying to figure out what is next. I’m only about half way through my three roll film experiment/project, and am in no hurry with that one. What zine 7 will look like is completely up in the air right now, and that’s okay. Vision can be slow or fast, but either way, it usually happens.



I struggle with words and their use in this zine. And, yes, I see the irony of those “words” in the midst of writing and posting this today. I am generally not an enthusiastic blogger, which may be glaringly obvious to anyone checking in on this site. So the concept for the next zine issue, being about words and the context or lack there of, is an interesting one for me.

Part of the inspiration for this issue came from a local art exhibit where headlines and other newsprint from the New York Times were used to create haiku like layouts creating a totally different juxtaposition than originally intended.

I have a cache of photos that I thought I would be using in issue 6, but that all changed with this different concept and design. I will be starting from scratch this weekend seeking out a different set of images to go with these words.

No timetable yet for publication on this one, probably April some time.