Author: nczine

  • in the mist

    it just doesn’t matter whatpeople think ofyour work, youjust get upwalk out the doorand pretend thatthis is important even though it isn’t just something toto do until thereis no doingleft

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  • no reason

    just random photos…spontaneous creation cheers!

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  • what this is

    This place, this “blog”, feels more like a journal, as the interactions with whatever readers/watchers who may see it, drop away. When there was a zine there was maybe more interest in what I posted here, who knows. It doesn’t matter really. The only one who needs to care about what I am doing, the…

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  • there’s always Danville

    Been going to Danville, VA, for years, visiting the Dan River warehouse district where RJ Reynolds Tobacco had a huge presence. It was pretty much abandoned for years, but like many similar buildings around this area, they are being repurposed into apartments and condos, and commercial spaces. The abandoned and deteriorating buildings were fun to…

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  • goalless goals

    what is reaching nothing to graspnothing to findnothing to achieve nothing

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  • visitors

    I have been getting more visitors to this website lately and I’m not sure why. I haven’t posted in a good while. I am doing work, but not sharing much of it. Something is going to come of it, but I don’t know what that is yet. Going to share some of what I have…

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  • let it dissolve

    The mind, working through the body, wants the character to be relevant, be some distinct and memorable presence, leave a legacy of some kind. Why carry that weight for any longer than you have to, when it just doesn’t matter. Peace out.

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  • space and time

    in space and timeanything can happenin what’s nothappening

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