what this is

This place, this “blog”, feels more like a journal, as the interactions with whatever readers/watchers who may see it, drop away. When there was a zine there was maybe more interest in what I posted here, who knows. It doesn’t matter really. The only one who needs to care about what I am doing, the process bullshit, is me.

I’ve arrived at a two camera process, where I shoot the same image with each camera, then combine them in post processing. The cameras are set up completely different, focal length, focus sharpness, and the combinations are creating some images I like very much. This one was done Saturday at the NCMA.

bird on a fake branch

A friend keeps dangling a potential exhibit somewhere in the near future, but I am not invested in that. There will be something eventually for this body of work, and I’ll know it when I find it.


5 responses to “what this is”

  1. That bird gives me hope. Have you seen Fury Road? We may have already discussed that film, and I apologize for my bad memory. This photo makes me think of Fury Road. Wonderful. Are our blog posts journals? I think about that a lot. I do like that they’re largely outside The Great Algorithm. It’s nice flying under the radar. Granted, when I started my site, I thought I was going to stumble into a combination of documentary photography and writing that would resonate with people. But I don’t think my personality is cut out for having more followers than I could actually … it’s late, sentences are hard … (paraphrased) actually follow back and engage with. I’m not criticizing the people for whom that is their livelihood. Hell, Anne Helen Petersen has a legit back and forth. It can be done. Sorry, I’ve lost my train of thought. I’m glad you’re still journaling here. I would never have seen those warehouses.


    • Can’t remember if we discussed Fury Road, had no desire to see and still don’t. Saw the first two Mad Max movies and that was enough, and yes I know Fury Road is considered the best one by far, but still no. Found it interesting, the juxtaposition of roles for Charlise Theron, the bandass female in Fury road, and the wife in The Road, who kills herself rather than face the post apocalyptic dystopian world to come. I tend to side with her choice in The Road, survival for what? Yeah, I go back and forth with myself about whether to kill the website altogether, so far not.


      • I am sure that MY blog is a journal. I rarely get any response whether it’s “I tried this recipe” or “I have a story to tell you because you reminded me.” I do get little stars and approving comments from the 2 or RL friends who read what I write. The Cookbook is handy to me, though. KLParmley is probably just a purgative and that’s OK, too.

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  2. I am continuously impress by the many ghosts the Chuck’s images evoke. Theres something masterful and powerful in the altered and skewed worlds that Chuck creates.
    Incredible stuff!


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