there’s always Danville

Been going to Danville, VA, for years, visiting the Dan River warehouse district where RJ Reynolds Tobacco had a huge presence. It was pretty much abandoned for years, but like many similar buildings around this area, they are being repurposed into apartments and condos, and commercial spaces. The abandoned and deteriorating buildings were fun to invade and photograph, but there are few of those left now, as a trip this past weekend revealed.

These from the recent visit.


2 responses to “there’s always Danville”

  1. I remember the first time I saw Richmond’s warehouse districts. I was in awe. But I was also young. Too old for my lack of awareness, but still young. So much history in those warehouses. Slavery, tobacco, labor disputes. But also a lot of people trying to get through the day. These photos are beautiful. All of them.


    • Yeah, I remember visiting friends who had moved to Richmond in the late 70s, and visiting Shakoe Bottom. It was just transitioning into the trendy place to live and hangout, fancy restaurants and such, lipstick on the pig of its historical legacy. Thanks, I’m really embracing this process.


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