let it dissolve

The mind, working through the body, wants the character to be relevant, be some distinct and memorable presence, leave a legacy of some kind. Why carry that weight for any longer than you have to, when it just doesn’t matter.

Peace out.

3 responses to “let it dissolve”

  1. Je pense…I like the photo and the philosophy. Was looking at your landing page photo again, the ghostly image. Do you remember, generally, how you did it?


    • It was an art lens cheat, a Lensbaby pinhole lens on my Olympus Pen-f. There are three aperture settings that give different effects, f90 is the classic pinhole, and then there is f45, and f22, the last one being my favorite. It gives that hazy effect, the softness.


    • And the “philosophy”, I know a guy who has triggered some downloads here, and it ain’t philosophical, if you’re really interested in “getting there”.


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