journey on

It feels like moving on is happening. Zine 9 got done, some thirteen of them mailed last week, some yet to deliver personally or maybe mailed, can’t decide. I have writing and images for the next one, but not sure the motivation is there to actually make it happen, that maybe the zine phase of this journey is done. The number 3 has always had a resonance with me, so nine zines may be the right time to stop.

Concentrating on printing stuff started happening almost two years ago, did two books through Blurb, then started the zine. Putting something out there that was tangible felt like a way to do something significant beyond putting stuff on the internet. Now it seems that, having done that, it really doesn’t matter that much, at least to me.

The work that would have gone into the next zine will probably get posted here, so if you follow this blog you will get to see it. I may post more on instagram, even though I hate how that platform works. I’m also on the waiting list to join the new site, Post, so it may shift to there. Journey on.


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