to come

It has been a while since I posted here. A good bit of sorting out has been happening. There are potential things outside of the zine process that have been going on, one in particular that I will write about later if and when it comes to fruition.

I have been stuck in a holding pattern in regard to the next zine, number nine. I thought I had a format set up, some sort of poetry and images on facing pages, but that seems to have changed. I have written several long form poems, and a few short haiku like ones as well, all of which I like, but it seems the more I look at and review them, the more they strike me as similar to journal entries than for public consumption. I was also struggling a bit with matching images to the words and words to images.

I am going back to the abstract roots of the first few zines. The images will be the poetry. I have some ones I’m already quite pleased with and there will be more. Looking forward to a beach trip later this week, and discovering abstraction in that world. This will be the cover of #9, past that nothing in the final list so far, clean slate.


7 thoughts on “to come

    1. We went to the Outer Banks, very few people and perfect weather, low 70s. In the process of a collaboration project with an artist and two other photographers. Jeffrey Goldstein is the artist, his idea. He now lives in Durham, after moving from Chicago, and all the Vivian Maier notoriety. He discovered my work and has become a big fan. Who knows. Nice to hear from you, hope all is well.


      1. The projects sound great. I love the Outer Banks. Went there a few times with friends after college and while living in DC. Finally got to go off-season once, but we had to evacuate ahead of a storm. I’m surprised the place is still there.

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      2. We were on the northern part, Kill Devil Hills. They have really built the dunes up and planted sea oats to fight erosion. Drove down to Hatteras and Ocracoke, that’s the area that is very fragile. It will be mostly under water eventually. I’m not much of a beach person anymore, but I love the Outer Banks.


  1. Same. Maybe. I love the water, the beach, and a good swim, but I get antsy sitting on a beach for more than 30 minutes. Great memories of the beach lunches my parents made for San Diego vacations. They were working hard and doing well, but brie, baguettes, and salami was still a “to hell with it, we’re on holiday” splurge. That’s when I first learned that cheese on a cracker was divine. My friends and I went to Duck a few times, and some neighboring towns I’ve forgotten the names of. Beautiful place.


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