finding out

what direction?

After this past weekend, and the past three weeks or so for that matter, my photography seems a bit up in the air as to where it’s going. I have a new big supporter and fan in Jeff Goldstein, who wants to make some things happen, a show or exhibit somewhere for starters. He is very busy with his own thing right now, which I am happy about, as it gives me some time to step back and take a few deep breath’s.

I had a rough outline for the next zine, but now I don’t feel in a hurry about that. When it happens is not important, or even if it happens, who knows. Maybe the next zine as a sort of catalog for a show or exhibit, I just don’t have a clue right now. I do know that I am pulling back from instagram as a place to post my images, especially any images that could end up printed and on a wall. I have even gone back through my feed and deleted some images for the same reason.

Seeing so much printed photography this past weekend has inspired me to print more of my images, even if I just hang them on my wall. I want see and evaluate them in printed form, see how they stand up.

I don’t know where any of this is going, but that is just fine. Living in not knowing puts you in the ideal framework for finding out. In no context, anything can arise.


2 thoughts on “finding out

  1. Amen to printing your work. I am bad about doing it, and I am bad about looking at it. I also like the idea of being very careful about sharing images online that you might print. Good to hear about your new supporter. I am not surprised at all.

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