While I wait to hear from the printer, and their ability to downsize the zine to 9×7, I will talk about how I’m shooting right now. As I mentioned in a prior post, I have a Holga plastic lens that works on my digital Olympus camera with the use of an adapter. The lens is supposed to be around 60mm, but on the Olympus with its four thirds sensor, it is doubled to about 120mm, which I like.

I was shooting at the standard aspect of the camera, which is 4:3. The results were a little spotty, with darkened areas at times, or more vignetting than I like, and then I remembered that the original Holga film camera, which uses 120 film, shot in square images. I switched the aspect ratio on the camera to 1:1, or square, and the results were much better.

This has become my favorite kit for the moment. Looking forward to playing with it more over the next couple of months.


4 responses to “holga”

  1. Very cool, Chuck. I really like both images, but man, that second one! Love the symmetry of the window framing with the slanted line in the background with the lights.


    • Thanks, Scott. That was taken in an alley in Durham that I have been visiting repeatedly for the past eight years or so. I seem to always find a different way of seeing it every time I go back. Saw your twitter post. I go peek in every so often, but other than the automatic blogpost tweet, not finding much helpful to my sanity there. New zine will soon be on the way.


  2. Twitter is…I was going to say terrible. But more accurately, I’m terrible at using it. I think most people are. I might start over and just try to follow about 30 people who talk about books, movies, and zines.


    • I follow few folks, you, Daniel and a handful of photographers that I got from your tweets actually. Also a couple of my local instagram people who found me there. And I turn off everyone’s retweets, that eliminates a bunch of stuff I don’t care to see.


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