photo books

Three Canons:

Be still with yourself

Until the object of your attention

Affirms your presence

Let the Subject generate its own Composition

When the image mirrors the self

And the self mirrors the subject

Something might take over


This is a quote from Mirrors, Messages, Manifestations, a Minor White photo book, that I would really like to own, but it is out of print, and the used copies start at around 200.00, out of my price range right now. I really don’t need another photo book, but I have this addiction, what can I say.

I put this quote up on instagram and twitter today, as it really resonates with how I like to function with photography and all the other ways of relating with the visible world. Speaking of twitter, I have let myself get sucked down that rabbit hole, and I am stepping away. Since I have figured out how to successfully use instagram, I really don’t need twitter. Not killing it, but posts in the future will only be related to this blog.


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