Or, does size really matter? I have been seeing and handling smaller zines like the one below over the past months and really liking the esthetics of the smaller size. Seeing it juxtaposed with my last zine, the size they have all been, has got me thinking about size, and playing with the smaller format.

The smaller size is really growing on me, and there may be other benefits like cost to print, and mailing costs. Plus, my zines have all had about forty pages, and it occurred to me yesterday, while working on #7, that shorter, and I mean a good bit shorter, is fine as well. I was reviewing the images for #7, and the potential text, and couldn’t come up with anything else I needed to shoot or say regarding the theme I had landed on.

This will all depend on what the test copy looks like after I send it to the printer, but it looks like, change is gonna come.


2 thoughts on “downsizing

  1. I like smaller zines, too. Eventually I hope to get to the point where I’m thinking about which size is most appropriate for the work.

    Can you use InDesign on the iPad? If yes, you might have a lool at MagCloud. Their digests are small and economical, at least they were…haven’t checked in a while.


    1. No, I looked at that in the beginning when I tried to use Blurb. The MagCloud app sucks on ipad, very limited, two sizes, both square. I have whined to them twice about it, but no updates so far. I could work with it better now with the overlay options on Snapseed that I have figured out, but the printing and shipping costs, plus the longer turnaround make me disinclined to use them. My printer does 8 1/2 x 11, and will just basically cut that in half, making it 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, which is very close to the size of Kent’s zine.


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