no instagram

Decided to deactivate instagram this morning. Posted there a couple of days ago that I was going to do it Monday, but could see no reason to wait. Made the decision not to delete it completely in case I change my mind down the road, and to hold on to the user name.

Reactivated my twitter under the same handle, nocontextzine. Blog posts get shared there if people want to follow that. Not sure how much other than that will get tweeted.

new playmates


2 thoughts on “no instagram

  1. Anecdotally, it seems like people are fleeing IG, mainly because of the reels. Such a shame – it was a neat idea. I still flirt with the idea of getting back into Flickr. I’ll follow you over on tweeterville, even though I may delete that soon. I envy your disciplined approach to online engagement.


    1. It was a hard decision because of the artist friends I connected with there, but pulling the plug on it felt right. A couple have followed me to twitter. We’ll see.


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