I will be here more it seems. Took a trip to visit family last week in Asheville, and went untethered, no ipad. I don’t have all the social media stuff on my phone, it is a functional tool. I enjoyed it very much. Since returning, I have found less and less satisfaction with how instagram works. I had a flurry of participation on the 4th, mostly deleted. It’s a habit I can change and create new habits. I am finding new people on ello, and posting there.

I don’t enjoy photography as much in the summer in the south, too hot, harsh light. Sometimes I try to go at dusk or when there is a small break in the heat, 80s instead of 90s. This was taken from my car window at my wife Kitty’s workplace, air conditioning.


2 thoughts on “weaning

  1. Very cool, looks like an anime supervillain!

    As you know, I’m not on social media (writ large) too often, but I did (foolishly) get back on twitter. The intention was networking, but I go down meaningless political rabbit holes. I see a lot of people there complaining about IG and its awful reels/ads.

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    1. The thing about IG that finally broke me was the forcing of posts to the top of the feed, the you need to engage with this, we demand it. I created a twitter account and posted about it on IG and the only person who followed me there was my wife. That should tell me something. A new local artist friend that I met through IG commented to me that no one reads blogs anymore, and based on this one, she seems to be right. I think I have over estimated the appeal of what I do, except to me.


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