There are always photos that don’t make the final edit for the zine, the leftovers. I had three film shots, all shot on Kodak TriX 400, that were in serious consideration, but I just couldn’t figure out what to match them with on a facing page. Going to post them here and comment about why I like them.

This was taken in one of my favorite places to shoot, Alley 26 in Durham, NC. There is a bar and restaurant by the same name that abuts the alley and fronts on Chapel Hill Street. The barbed wire and the fire escape above, with the empty wall in between, just caught my eye. The barbed wire is over a large fence enclosed space where homeless folks would sleep, not anymore.

This was taken at a bar in Hillsborough, NC, called Yonder. It is a floor length drape close to the front door, tied in a knot about half way down. I love the minimalist nature of it, that’s about it.

This one takes us back to Alley 26 in Durham. This one caught my eye due to the juxtaposition of the architecture, demonstrating the passing of linear time in one shot. There are three distinct periods of architecture reflected here, the most recent being the lower left, a remodel that happened in the last eight years or so. This photo also was pivotal in my finding that I preferred Kodak TriX black and white film over the others due to the superior tonality of this image.

Anyway, there are the leftovers for this zine edition.


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