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Or should I have titled this, antisocial media, doesn’t matter. Made a post on my instagram this morning that I will only be posting zine updates there from now on, no regular photography. A part of me wishes I had never come back to IG, but then I see that I would have maybe never found some of the wonderful local artists who I follow there. The tedious algorithm, geared to engagement, that arbitrarily lets you see some posts and not others, or continually moves old posts you haven’t engaged with in some way, to the top of your feed, not to mention the suggested posts it tries to force down your throat, finally put me off enough to alter my presence there.

Full disclosure, I created a twitter account yesterday to try it out, same handle as IG, at:nocontextzine. Also to only be used for zine updates, but may get terminated at any moment.

I struggled sometimes with what to post, trying not to put photos on instagram that I thought were going in one of the zines in one form or another. Now, by not posting regularly, that is not a concern. I really like the photo below, one of several I took in Danville, Virginia, last weekend in the warehouse River District. I have no issue posting whatever here, and I will be doing that more regularly. At least one friend, Amy, might be glad for that.

A new friend made the comment to me a few weeks ago that people don’t read blogs anymore. Well, that’s on them. I do read blogs, and I wish there were more of them. So here goes.


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