so it goes

I was going to do a post solely dedicated to my film experiment, but I decided that a quick summation would suffice. I will not be shooting much if any film going forward so it doesn’t really matter that much. There were four 400 speed films and the one I liked the best was the old standby, Kodak TriX. And the primary reason was it most looked like what I try to get out of my Olympus pen-f through the camera settings I use. The two following images will demonstrate. They are the same basic shot, the first is the TriX and the second is digital.

The digital shot has more contrast due to the camera settings, and that’s how I like it. End of that chapter.

I have the preliminary ideas in place for both of the next two zines. One will be image heavy and the other more balanced with equal amounts of text. I don’t seem to be in any hurry. The last one came together in a bit of a quick flurry, and these will be more “slow food” like.

Anyway, cheers all!

7 thoughts on “so it goes

  1. Interesting! I like comparing the two. I, personally, find the film more pleasing…but that is precisely for the opposite reason than the digital shot you like best…I like less contrast for my migraine-prone eyes. The first looks like I’m observing the window on an overcast day, and the second like I’m looking at it in the glaring sun. (I think perhaps I should move to a rainy place, huh.) In any case, comparing the two shots is rather fascinating. Thanks!

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  2. I’m starting to shoot again. I love the idea of film, but I agree you can do so much with a digital camera. And the cost, phew! My wife hasn’t looked at the receipts yet.

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  3. It is fascinating to see the difference in the pictures. I had often thought there might have been, but it makes a big impression when you see them side by side. Thank you!

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  4. I’ve probably said it once or thirty times here, but I’ll probably be priced out of film for a while. I’ll eventually get around to using what I have on hand. Excited to get back to my apartment. Was out of town for a while, had a hold on mail. I saw a familiar looking package yesterday when I collected it.


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