on life support

Yes, a film post. Took the three rolls of black and white film to be processed, all different brands of 400 film, to see if I had a preference, hoping I like the cheapest one the best. Don’t have them back yet, not only does it cost twice as much per roll for b&w over color, ten dollars versus five, it takes at least a week longer to get them back than it does for color. When I dropped off the film I also purchased a roll of film to try, to the tune of 11.99. Are we seeing a trend here?

I loaded the new roll of Street Pan 400 into the OM-1, with the plan to go out driving in the countryside and shoot. I did that yesterday evening, shooting almost half the 36 exposure roll in the process, mostly rural ruin kind of stuff. I found myself being annoyed by having to deal with the light meter and the required shutter speed and aperture adjustments. Manual focus doesn’t bother me, in fact I prefer it, all the lenses I use on my digital cameras are manual focus.

It seems upon reflection, that I enjoy the idea of shooting film, but have become disenchanted with the actual process. I have become a spoiled digital photographer. And with the high cost of film these days, along with the cost of processing and the hassle of scanning images to digital form, film may not yet be dead for me, but it is certainly on life support.

TriX 400 shot from November 2021

Those rolls in the freezer may be there a while.


2 responses to “on life support”

  1. That all makes sense. I feel like a fraud sometimes. In my head, I envision preferring the old ways. Shooting film, cooking vs ordering, fixing vs replacing, listening to vinyl. I don’t really do much of it, though haha! The price of film is daunting, though, especially when I’m not all that excited about what I’m shooting!


    • Yeah, the price of film may be enough to kill it this time around. My wife has gotten into it a bit, and she prefers color. Color film has gotten crazy expensive, and is in really short supply. I picked up three rolls worth of negatives a couple of days ago, three different 400 speed films. Shot a fourth one that is being processed now. Going to do a post about which one I like the best. Was hoping it would be the cheapest one, but not so far.


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