say something!

I have been pondering this post since yesterday. I was going to be kind and understanding in my tone, but that has now shifted to old and cranky, so now you get the real deal on this end.

The “subscription list” on the zine went up to twenty four this issue. Nineteen were mailed at 2.00 each, and the other five hand delivered, one yet to be delivered due to that person being out of the country. The zines run about 3.00 each for a run of thirty copies from the printer. I enjoy sharing them with you people at my expense, but here’s the caveat.

I need and want some form of response, feedback, acknowledgment or whatever, whether it be via instagram, website, email or text message. If I don’t hear something in a reasonably timely fashion, I assume you either didn’t get it or you don’t give a shit about continuing to receive them, and based on that, you will get deleted from the mailing list. If it’s negative feedback, that’s at least something. Definitely don’t want to get anymore, very cool, let me know.

I deleted one person with the last mailing, and have targeted three more for the next issue unless they reach out in some form before then. It’s free people, at least say something!

6 responses to “say something!”

  1. I will comment and ask questions and I look forward to our conversation and zine exchange, Chuck. We return to Durham tomorrow night pending a negative covid test. I’d pray but I’m an atheist. Send me a couple days/times for next week or soon and we will make a plan.


  2. I just wrote a long comment and somehow got tossed off the page, which lost everything I wrote!

    I’ll just say I’ve felt more engaged with your latest issue—with the layering of words in the images and with the tension that trying to figure out what the words on the left have to do with the images on the right creates. Please keep me on your mailing list.(Instagram: @annecgardner)

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    • Anne, glad to hear from anyone engaging at whatever level. Mostly it was the lack of relationship or the accidental relationship that seemed to surface for me as I designed this one.


  3. I totally enjoy receiving your zine. I write poetry and fiction and often the images you take evoke strong feelings and are a jumping off point for me in my writing.

    Diane Wright

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