I usually have no interest in posts about camera gear, yet here I am adding to the list of boring gear posts. I don’t really think it matters much what camera or lenses you use, as long as you create interesting work. There is some wonderful work being done with phones, but I need something with a viewfinder, so a camera with that option is a must for me.

I started out with an Olympus OM-1 back in the late seventies, and I still have one as my only film camera, but not my original OM-1. I have two Olympus Pen-f digital cameras. I have owned two fujifilm cameras in the X100 series. The most recent of those I sold in the last month to buy the second Pen-f. This camera was discontinued, and Olympus itself as a camera company, is rumored to be ceasing to exist, though they recently announced a new OM 1 digital camera. So now it is all Olympus all the time. The benefit of that is that the old Olympus film lenses will work on the digital cameras with the use of a converter.

I have acquired in the last three months, three “art lenses” that have been great fun to play with. The first one was a pinhole lens by LensBaby that has three different aperture settings. There were some images in zine 5 that I shot with that lens. Then I found a Holga lens for Olympus digital cameras, and then I found a really cheap Olympus fisheye lens.

With zine 6 at the printer, I’m trying to figure out what is next. I’m only about half way through my three roll film experiment/project, and am in no hurry with that one. What zine 7 will look like is completely up in the air right now, and that’s okay. Vision can be slow or fast, but either way, it usually happens.


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  1. I like hearing what sort of cameras people are using, as long as it’s not along the lines of, “Hey, want to up your photo game?” I wonder where that original OM-1 is. Love that photo of the clock.


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