i do this, i do that

This may be a bit of a rambling stream of consciousness post, but that doesn’t matter. My number of subscribers to the zine has risen to almost twenty with the most recent issue. I feel like I may need to give people the chance to opt out when the next one happens, or maybe I just need to let that take care of itself? There is a guy in the UK who runs a small publishing operation who found me on Instagram. He likes my photography and requested a zine. I had enough back issues to send him the “boxed set”. He did a trilogy of books that he is sending me in return as a kind of barter thing. So I guess we could say that I have officially gone international.

I decided a few weeks ago to shoot some film and see where that goes. I am shooting three rolls, all different, except they all are the same 400 ASA. Kind of an experiment to see which film I like better, and then incorporate the images into the next zine, or maybe the one after that, depending on how long it takes to shoot the rolls, get them processed and then edited. Not in a rush, but have gotten to the second roll as of this morning.

Reading a book about the poet, Frank O’Hara. He is from the 1950s-60s, was part of the abstract expressionist art scene in NYC. I have also acquired two of his poetry books. They, and listening to Janis Ian’s new album, have inspired me to write more lately, my rough poetry/musings. Some will probably end up in the next zine, who knows.

Anyway, all for now. Thanks for checking in if you do, and also thanks for the interest in the zines.

One response to “i do this, i do that”

  1. That is cool. I like hearing about unexpected connections like that. Also glad you’ve been in the writing mood. Looking forward to reading your poetry. Also looking forward to diving into the latest zine. Set it aside because I’ve been preoccupied, adrift. Wanted to be able to focus on it.


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