Dear Diary?

More and more this blog seems like just notes to self, or what’s left of this action figure called self. My wife shared my last post about the art exhibit on her facebook, me not having one, and my visitors to this site and blog really jumped in numbers for a day or so. None of those visitors liked or commented on anything on the site, but they did like and comment on her facebook post, which she gladly communicated to me verbally, one of her friends even ordered a print of one of the photos. See what I mean.

Three years ago I submitted some photos to the LensCulture black and white photography awards/competition. I did this after painstakingly creating a folder of photos to choose from, images I considered my best work. I also paid extra for a written review of the photos submitted. None were selected for any prizes, and though I don’t remember what the written review said, I do remember it wasn’t particularly helpful. What I do remember is that almost all the photos that gained recognition had people in them, indicating to me that content meant more than the quality of the image.

Well, fresh off of having two photos chosen for a local exhibit, I decided to try LensCulture again, five photos for 35., and this time foregoing the review. I did not ponder over the submission like the last time either. I picked the two from the local exhibit, but the file size on one of them was too large. It was taken with my fujifilm camera, while the others were taken with my Olympus Penf microfourthirds. Instead of trying to reduce the file size, I just picked another image. Here are the five I sent with no expectations attached.

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary?

  1. Great images. The profile, hand on head – man oh man, that made me think of Col Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. Really liked the shirts, too. Heck, all good, and will go back to them. I want to look at the metal one with the textures. I agree that the only reason to have a blog or a site is if it’s enjoyable. I started mine as an anchor location, but then I realized I enjoyed posting. I very much prefer blogs to all the other options.

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