No Commerce

I decided this morning to pull the zines from the little newsstand shop and online store, not that they have been selling much. I never intended this to be a commercial venture. It was for me and for sharing with friends and family. I will continue to mail to those who are on my short mailing list, and any who request through this site.

I have my own distribution process beyond mailing. Hand delivered, left in random coffee shops and sometimes in those Little Free Library boxes. Bread on the water.

One thought on “No Commerce

  1. Oh man, interesting. I respect your choice, but I also really liked that little online zine space. It’s late, and I’ve had a couple of bourbons, so I worry about being too devils advocatey…but seeing your awesome (I don’t do flattery) zines there seemed like a win for everyone, encouraging people to go to these little spaces and buy something that someone has poured a lot of creative effort into. But I also appreciate your decision.


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