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  1. I envy that turntable, and the zines look fantastic! So here’s the question that’s not really a question. Could you do an overview of your zine design. Not asking for the flowery stuff. Let’s say you’ve figured out where you want to go with it, and you’ve chosen some images. You build yours in a PDF, right? I love how you add the handwritten text. Can you explain how you do that again? I think you’ve told me before, but then I’ve also watched some online tutorials (they all made it much more complicated than I think it need be).

    You’re working with a local printer. Does your PDF have to be set up in a certain way, or do you consult with the printer on page order? I’m looking at #1 – “this is an event of observation and expression” – clearly that is a scanned page. But it seems like you’ve tried out some other techniques, too.

    Long rambling way of saying I’d love to see another “this is how I did it” post.


    1. I’m going to do this as a reply and not a post since you, as the only commenter, are the only one interested in this.

      Yes, it’s all done with a PDF maker on my ipad. All the text is handwritten on white paper or cards and then photographed, so it’s all photos. The second zine which has text on photo background is done on the snapseed photo editing app, using the double exposure or overlay function which puts the words photo on top of the image photo. I do all the sequencing when I make the pdf. The pdf app only allows for one format throughout, so to get an edge to edge for the first zine cover, I had to create two pdfs, one that was edge to edge for the front and back covers, and then a second pdf for the interior pages. The second zine was all edge to edge, so the same format for all worked there. The pdfs get moved to dropbox and I share them with the local printer.

      The third zine is more like the first one except I kinda screwed up the cover and back pages. It turned out to be a happy accident, because I ended up liking the homemade look of the cover and back. I don’t mind talking about the process, but it may be of limited value to most since it is all generated with a camera and my ipad and apps.

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