Why Blog?

I tried a bit of an experiment today. I posted on my instagram that I was posting more to this blog, just to see if anyone would be motivated to check it out. Not a single person, according to the metrics, made a visit, much less liking or commenting on anything. I think fewer people are blogging, and reading blogs. It’s all social media all the time.

It’s time to get going on the next zine. I’ll maybe post about that here when it gets finished, but more likely I’ll just post something on instagram where at least a few people will see it. My feelings are not wounded, it’s just the way things are now.

Sorry Scott, but even you haven’t visited lately either, which is also okay. I’ll mail you a copy of the next issue when it comes out.

One thought on “Why Blog?

  1. Incorrect! I am disorganized, though. I need to get more methodical about reading the things that actually interest me. I’ve got Feedly, but I’ve never made that work. My fault. I had a similar experience with IG. I don’t think maybe over a couple of years 2 or 3 people followed the pointer from IG to blog. That was another reason for me not to be on IG. You mentioned something, though, that I think is one of the most useful and underrated aspects of IG – that rolodex. For example, you find local small presses and the place that carries your zine.


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