Changed My Mind

Picked up two rolls worth of processed film negatives Friday and got them scanned in earlier today. These were shot on different film and with my trusty Olympus OM1, some using the 50mm and some the 135mm. The film was a 200 ISO, shot at box speed, and I am digging the results.

I normally like to travel light when I go out to photograph, so carrying two cameras is not something I like to do on a normal excursion. Yesterday I took my OM1, which is more compact than a normal SLR, and I also took my Pen f digital camera with just a wrist strap and small 50mm manual lens, the Pen in a small sling bag that I have. I was able to interchange them as needed pretty seamlessly, so I’m going to continue that process for a bit.

Still no idea when the next zine will happen, or what it will look like.

One thought on “Changed My Mind

  1. Those are nice. I really like the mailboxes. Haha, and in defense, you’ve been prolific lately! I do hope you’ll consider posting something every now and then when the mood strikes you. Off to see if I have this URL in feedly.


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