Vision Evolves

There were three months in between the first and second issues of the zine, and it felt after the second one came out that a quarterly timeframe seemed about right. That means that the third should be coming in early September. I should therefore be working on it now, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Though I have plenty of images and potential words to fill a third that would be similar to the first two, there seems to be a shift happening in my focus and what I am photographing right now. I first thought that this shift might be reflected in the fourth issue, but now I seem inclined to include some of this in the third.

The third issue will come when it feels right and not on some contrived time schedule. How silly to have ever thought otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Vision Evolves

    1. There will be text, mostly short and hopefully somewhat relevant to the image in proximity. Actually got off my arse and started working on it today. No more blogging for me. No one reads it, or if they do, there is no interaction. And frankly, I don’t have that much to say. Glad you are better.


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